Hewitt Meats

Hewitt Meats

In October 2017, ARB Process Engineering were awarded the EPC contract to deliver a 500kW (CHP) AD plant for Hewitt Meats. Electric and heat produced from the CHP unit, will be used for the day to day running of the meat processing facility. ARB Biogas designed the AD plant closely with Hewitt Meats to ensure their vision was understood correctly and implemented using the best possible products available to process their feedstocks.

Included in the design is a desulphurization unit to reduce the dependency on carbon, with out this step, biogas can cause aggressive corrosion of the plants equipment reducing its life span. A premix tank has been erected so the system can handle waste sufficiently and ensure appropriate preparation of the substrate prior to digestion.

Hewitt Meats wanted to reduce the volume of substrate needed to be transported away from the AD plant and have decided to install a Vapogant digestate evaporator. The Vapogant system will remove water from the digestate through vacuum evaporation using waste heat from the CHP. This process also bounds volatile nitrogen, minimising loss during distribution and making nitrogen available as ammonium sulphate solution (ASS). A highly concentrated liquid digestate is produced, reducing the costs of transport and storage.

It is the intention of Hewitt Meats to add two additional digesters, to increase the production of the plant up to 1.5MWe equivalent. The additional gas will be liquefied and transported of site efficiently to fuel another 500 KWe CHP, at their abattoir facility in Lurgan and to run the companies fleet of biomethane trucks.

We will keep you updated on process on our news page.

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