Biogas Plant Upgrades (Loss Optimisation)

ARB Process Engineering has in depth knowledge with extensive experience in the replacement and re-engineering of existing biogas plants.

Our range of upgrade services include but are not limited to the biogas plant:

  • Process Control System
  • Heat Systems
  • Biogas Management & Processing
  • Mechanical and Liquid Mixing Systems

It is ARB’s aim to help biogas plant owners improve the processing efficiency of their existing plants. ARB will first carry out a detailed assessment of the existing site and discuss the client’s objectives. This is followed by the delivery of a detailed proposal and upon the agreement of a suitable strategy, ARB will begin the process to upgrade and maximise returns from the biogas plant. This will ensure minimal disruption to the plants up time.

Our experience to date is across biogas plants that have been installed by many of the main stream technology providers. This experience has proven that our capabilities are highly valued by our clients, with many now retaining ARB on permanent maintenance contracts.

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