JMW Farms

JMW Farms

On this 1 MWe AD Plant, our customers had a vision to make their plant more operationally efficient.  ARB Biogas consulted with our customer on plans to implement their vision. ARB Process Engineering replaced the broken internal heating coils with an upgraded external heat exchange system. The single external heat exchanger has the capacity to meet the thermal needs of all 3 digesters. External heat exchangers improve the operational capabilities of biogas plants because of their easy access for maintenance and reduced risk of fouling.

We also installed a new substrate transfer system that lets our customer transfer substrate between tanks without disrupting the feed cycle. New flow meters were connected for the measurement of the product from tank to tank and radar sensors fitted which allows an accurate level of substrate to be given in the stores. 6 new Stallkamp 17kw Submersible Agitators were mounted to improve the mixing of the tanks.

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