In March 2020, ARB began the groundworks for the first stage of this project. By October 2020 we commissioned this plant and provided the dairy farm with electricity and grid export. Second stage is currently underway which includes a LWR system, 26×6 concrete digestor, DMT upgrader and a connection to SGN line. With these expansions complete, this plant will move from a 250Kwe to 1.2 Mwe in August 2022.

What we included:

  • Support with Planning and permitting
  • Containerised Heat Exchanger
  • Each digestor has No.4 of ARB’s bespoke service boxes for submersible mixer maintainence
  • Dry bed separator & drying floor
  • Desulphurisation unit
  • ARB’s bio mix feed system
  • Concrete digestor 24mx6m with double membrane roof
  • Livestock water recycling first wave system

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