Biological Support

Biological & process monitoring is key to maintaining biological stability, efficient biogas production and a constant energy output.

ARB Biogas offer a range of biological services, including proactive support agreements and reactive advice to processing issues. These services are open to all AD facilities, regardless of technology supplier. Our external team will perform all biological support needed, reporting directly to our customer and ARB Biogas.

Proactive Biological Support

We promote regular sampling of digestate to build up a picture of each digester’s unique biological operating characteristics, that over time can help to quickly diagnose possible down time and prevent longer term issues. Results are reported online and discussed directly with the operator. Quarterly reports provide the operator with a summary of the plant’s health together with their key performance indicators, including total electrical and heat output for each month

Reactive Biological Support

Anaerobic digesters can become destabilised for a variety of reasons including over feeding or poisoning through feedstock contamination. ARB Biogas can provide bespoke reactive biological support in these circumstances, in order to help the operator regain process health as quickly as possible.

Supply Of Trace Elements

Anaerobic bacteria are living organisms that have specific requirements in order to maintain their health and population. Our external team of biologists are experts in these requirements and can advise & supply trace elements that may be required.

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